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Asset Tracking with Yamori

Asset tracking is one of the most popular and value-added applications. The development hurdle is usually very high. The Yamori platform can simplify development and drastically reduce the barrier to entry. This results in a fast return of investment of the application. The Yamori Demo Kit comes to you turnkey ready. The software already contains the necessary components to realize tracking applications.

How to set up Yamori for tracking 

As the yamori space mission has shown, the implementation of tracking applications is simple. Here, an interaction between the ISM band module LBAA0QB1SJ and the cellular module LBAD0XX1SC was demonstrated. In this case, the cellular module is used to read out the GPS signal, while the data is sent in LoRaWAN to the surrounding gateways. From this, a fast tracking application can be realized. For further applications, the GPS data received by the cellular module can also be transferred to the cloud via the cellular network using NB-IoT or LTE-CAT-M1. Thus, LoRa is not required in pure cellular applications. The Yamori platform, consisting of a demo kit and a development kit, already has the necessary hardware and software components. Tracking applications can be quickly evaluated and brought to market, which is only made possible by the innovative modules from Murata.

In our use case, we tracked different construction machines over numerous construction sites until the machine arrived back at the owner’s fleet.

Out of the box solution

If you are interested in tracking applications, you can easily get them up and running. Our Yamori package comes with a simple dashboard in a cloud. So you can start right away and evaluate your use cases. Together with the Yamori Dev KIT, there are no limits to your development freedom. With additional sensors, different behaviors can be implemented. For example, location information can be retrieved and transmitted only during certain movements. Just ask us. We are happy to help you with the development. 

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