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High quality measurement equipment from Quitech for low power development for LPWAN sensors

Yamori, the latest LPWAN dev kit, is an embedded platform from Murata and Sentinum. To be able to create a holistic system created for developers to quickly prototype energy-efficient long-range connectivity solutions both Murata and Sentinum engineers worked with Qoitech’s Otii Arc. Otii Arc functions as a power analyzer, sync log and power supply and assists developers across the stack with their energy optimization.

At Yamori hardware and software are designed in such a way that a very low power consumption is possible, e.g. the latest performance shows the sleep mode current measured below 5 uA.

To read about our conversation with Qoitech about energy optimization visit https://www.qoitech.com/blog/yamori-use-case-muratas-and-sentinums-newest-lpwan-dev-kit-power-optimized-with-otii-and-ready-for-the-market/

Power efficiency is the key for Yamori and here are more advantages:

You can evaluate the same applications with different communication technologies and choose the right technology for your product.

– Yamori enables the user to simply and fast implement proof-of-concept projects. The provision of a professional hardware-software package supports the implementation of fast prototypes and the evaluation of individual applications. Further due to the hardware-software concept of Yamori, the architecture of the prototype is already close to final product. This accelerates the Time-To-Market by a lot.

– Rely on the latest and most powerful technology available on the market from development and research of renowned institutes and companies. We can draw from a pool of different ultra-low power standards and find the best possible solution for your idea.

– You can rely on a reliable partner network of experts and global companies to support you from development to operation in the market.

– It is possible to order individual daughter boards specialized on the customers application to accelerate developing phase even more.


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